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His mix of matinee idol looks and self-deprecating “regular guy” approachability keeps him equally popular with male and female viewers. Thomas Magnum wears a Tigers cap because Tom Selleck is a Detroit native.And he’s the rare TV star who has successfully crossed over to film, with hits like an aging cop who’s irresistible to the ladies — just like the actor who portrays him. He was born in the Motor City in 1945 and lived there until age four, when his family moved to Sherman Oaks, California.They reunited ten years later, this time as brothers, for the NBC miniseries as Lance White, a handsome private investigator who’s a thorn in the side of curmudgeonly Jim Rockford (James Garner). “They held the offer for a month, but the more they talked to the network (CBS), the more the network said no,” Selleck told David Letterman in 2016.That episode found Jim and Lance sharing an assignment for a wealthy client (Bill Quinn, best known as blind Mr. He got a second chance (sort of) to play Indy when in England in 1983, Selleck met and began courting actress and dancer Jillie Mack.

He competed again two years later — and lost again!

He was of athletic built and played several sports.

He earned a basketball scholarship to attend the University of Southern California.

Here are some of the best highlights of Tom Selleck’s career: “I praise CBS for taking a risk, which is always the price you pay for the opportunity.

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This is not a standard movie of the week storytelling. or Blue Bloods, Selleck’s character has a moment of self-revelation.

Selleck began his acting career playing a small role in television series. The show focused on a group of casino employees who dealt with issues arising within the working environment.

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