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I saw him at the Formosa Cafe in Hollywood one night.

I remember he was wearing a grey V-necked sweater...i THINK with no shirt on underneath it. I had a huge crush on him, so I wish I'd been more relaxed and dared to look at him again (didn't want to seem to be gawking)Matt Dillon steps out with girlfriend Roberta Mastromichele Matt Dillon was putting on a cosy display with girlfriend of four years Roberta Mastromichele on Thursday, as they enjoyed a romantic outing together in Rome.

I basically did a boy thing and said, “Look, you need to get up and put your clothes on and go back to your hotel. I’m not going to clean up after you.” He didn’t get pissed off, but he had a look like a little hurt puppy. I heard that early in his career he was bi, having lots of sex with both sexes.

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And Matt Dillon looked every inch the movie star as he was spotted at the Paris premiere of the Lars von Trier film on Tuesday.Same goes for if it's true that he trolls for pussy when he really wants cock...although I'd certainly like the latter to be true. My (female) NY friends (born and bred) from eons back have always joked about him. He has a lovely apt in the City, he dines out frequently. So it's not like he has to take any job (altho he did make that Herbie film) but yeah, I think he'd like to work more. He was pigeonholed early on as a teen idol and he kind of fell into the industry so he wasn't great when he started.But he's done some very good work, Drugstore, Crash and I thought he was very good in What Happened to Mary. I shared because it was nice to see people are still spent a chunk of his time in Asia? Wishing otherwise may be fun for fantasy but will not make it so.[quote]I just watched A Kiss Before Dying. Yes, but I envied her for that glorious sex scene she has with him where you can see his plump butt working back and forth as he fucks her and she grabs onto it.As time went on, he was less and less into guys and what I hear now is that he rarely does anything with a guy, and only when drunk. He just needs to stay dry and take over for now-flaming out douchebag boozers like Josh Brolin, Sean Penn et al. Answers: He's loaded--I mean financially set forever loaded. Lots of ensemble films where he co-stars, like Beautiful Girls. It's the twilight zone for actors as they hit his age--he's done very well by transitioning long before he was forced to by Hollywood. At first I thought he was Italian but his looks remind me more and more of Colin Farrell (or should I say the reverse). Also, OT but Alan Cumming looks Italian Scot to me.[quote]So is he black Irish? In fact, an Interview Magazine interviewer went into a whole description of Matt's Black Irishness (black hair/white skin/stovepipe, Abe Lincoln-ish head) in the April, 1991, issue, right before A Kiss before Dying. Years ago, I saw him hanging out/drinking in this one (straight) bar on Avenue A. One of the two girls I was with starting chatting with him.

He takes funky parts, calculates his career based on what he wants to do, including lowbrow comedy and and is great in it. Many independent where he's further up in the credits, but he knows it's tough to transition from leading man to character roles, that's the way it is. The next day she told me that they slept had together and said he was good in bed.Imogene finds that her estranged mother, who is dating Dillon, rented her childhood room to Criss at a time when Imogene has split from her cheating wealthy boyfriend and has nowhere else to live. If I remember correctly, this was a big movie for him. Some of these responses are ridiculously defensive, and long-winded and full of stupid details that it's obvious. And he told an intriguing story about a scene that got cut from the script. I ran into him about fifteen years later at the Public Theater. Unlike every young actor I've known he had become an interesting, articulate person with a passion for music of all kinds and some real knowledge. But if he does, it's with females as far as I know or have ever heard from people who still see him.

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