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Her impressive performance there and attempt at the 2012 London Olympic Games has inspired many older athletes to consider reentering competition. Each Bar Method class begins with a warm-up, upper-body exercises and push-ups followed by a sequence of leg and seat work at the barre and core exercises on the floor.

The method predominantly uses your own body weight for resistance along with a few basic props – free weights, mats and a ball.

She had skill, dedication and a lean body that would ultimately grow to be 6 feet tall.

She also had something that she kept well hidden: Stage fright.“I freaked out,” Torres admitted of her original Olympic experience, when her first leg of the U. team’s 400 freestyle relay was so poor it nearly led to her being replaced.

He came to Sydney, Australia, to watch her that year when Dara took a bronze medal in both the 50 and 100 freestyles. A parent herself now, she desires the same bond that she had with her own.

That figured to be the end of her era as an Olympian, but she fooled everybody -- including, without meaning to, her dad.“I hadn’t told him I was making a comeback after I’d already started,” she said, which is why the characteristically smiling and upbeat athlete became a little emotional in Omaha after qualifying to be the oldest Olympic swimmer in U. Torres gave birth to a daughter, Tessa, on the same day Katie Holmes had Suri Cruise, an event that captured a tad more of the world’s attention.

Her father, Eddie Torres, bought the Aladdin (in a partnership with Wayne Newton) 13 years later. She invokes his name on her website to this day, on the verge of unprecedented Olympic greatness, saying, “I look deep inside my soul and wonder what my father would tell me.” She thought of her dad in Omaha last month when she, at 41, became our oldest swimming Olympian ever.“I was feeling him with me in that race,” Dara said, adding that she later tried to avert her gaze because those drops spilling down her cheeks were not from the pool.

She was also the oldest swimmer ever to compete in the summer Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 at age 41. record holder in the 50-meter freestyle race can be found at The Bar Method in Wellesley, which she co-owns with Sarah Bauman, to keep her body in shape with the overall body-toning workout.

No one at 41 should be expected to go for gold medals, or ones of any other hue.

After entering her first international swimming competition at age 14, Dara Torres never could have imagined she’d be competing in her first Olympic Games just a few short years later.

We caught up recently with Torres to discuss turning 50, today’s body image perception and how she stays motivated.

I have had some surgeries so I can’t run like I want to.She summoned her courage and came through in the end, joining Jenna Johnson, Carrie Steinseifer and Nancy Hogshead to win the gold medal by nearly a full second over the runners-up from Holland. By then he was a major player in Vegas, having owned a piece of the Riviera and the Fremont casinos, buying the Aladdin (which is now Planet Hollywood), taking over the Thunderbird and turning it into the El Rancho, booking the biggest guests and acts, being on a first-name basis with the highest rollers and hottest stars.