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They break up once more before the funeral for Mimi's best friend, Angel, but then get back together by the end of the show when Mimi's life is on the line.This is a list of the most acknowledged actresses who have portrayed Mimi Marquez. She played Mimi from Opening Night until April 5, 1997.Tinashe played Mimi Marquez in the "Rent: Live" production in 2019.By//Jessica Paris Antonique Smith may be most known for portraying one of music’s biggest names in R&B but these days she’s out to make a name for herself. Whether it was how you struggled with people and how they treated you at school. I think she just appreciated that those things happened. So it helps that you have someone who can be clear with what they want and you’ll be more confident that you can give them what they want. I think even if you don’t have all the circumstances, you still identify with something in the movie. Me and Faith had talked and she was like “We were in love and I want the movie to show that”. I actually thought I needed to be a singer first because it seemed like it was easier to be a singer and transition into acting than it was for actors to transition into singing. What was not in the script when I first got the role, was the wedding scene and a couple other things. I would imitate her and that’s how I learned to sing. When I was young, I would make people listen to me sing. Among these veteran songstresses lies a hidden treasure who goes by Antonique Smith.Best known for her breakout role as Faith Evans in the movie , Antonique has been making her way in front of the industries heavy hitters, awaiting her shot to be your next modern day Mary J. Hailing from Jersey, Smith has made her mark as an acclaimed actress on and off Broadway and even received a Grammy nomination.

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Vega was not included in the movie, as she was pregnant at the time of filming.When it comes to soulful singers with powerful voices in the mainstream market, there are a few names that come to mind: Keyshia Cole, Tamar Braxton, K.