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26-Jun-2020 14:40

(It’s such a classic – conveying athleticism, sense of adventure, money and friends all in one shot. Rather than just saying ‘Great profile’, write something that shoes that you’ve actually taken the time to read about them and think about what they’ve said.

Something like ‘I was intrigued to see that you’re a 1990s Rn B fan – are you a TLC or Destiny’s Child kind of girl?

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"I think one of the best slices in NYC is Pizza Suprema across the street from Penn Station. " This is for the guys, and even more so for white guys: read up on intersectional feminism.Example: You can’t think of anything to say about their profile – maybe they were a bit lazy filling it in – but they’re so attractive you can’t just skip them by.A line like this should get the conversation started: “You need to tell your parents they did a great job! I’ve had a busy one helping out at the soup kitchen, saving puppies and rocking babies to sleep, while talking with my sick Grandma on the phone at regular intervals.” These lines should have the ladies falling at your feet (keyboard) while online dating, sign up for a site today and try them out!It’s worse for guys, because they are expected to send the messages, while the girls sit back and watch the number in their inbox tot up.

But for those guys out there, how do you initiate conversation and get the ball rolling (and not look like a creep?

A lot of women simply don't want to date guys who aren't woke I. We're looking at you—52% of white women who voted for Trump.

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