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17-May-2020 06:48

Faster pages offer better user experience, improve conversions and reduce bounce rate.

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Lighthouse uses a combination of a 3G/4G network to test while uses a 3G network.It did not measure performance accurately and marketers started turning to other reliable tools like Webpagetest, Gtmetrix, and Pingdom.With the current November 2018 update, Page Speed Insights version 5 has made a colossal shift – it has inducted Lighthouse as its analysis engine. Coincidentally or not, on the same day, Google came out with an experimental web app – Squoosh -to help web developers optimize webpages through image compression. AMP pages are hosted on Google’s content delivery network (CDN).As the PSI score went up, the Test My Site score fell.

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The reason is – Page Speed Insights uses Lighthouse as its analysis engine while Test My Site uses Web Page Lighthouse computes a website’s Performance Score from the following metrics* that it generates: The old scores do not matter anymore, and pages need to be retested. Since AMP pages are cached, have no custom Javascripts and are pre-rendered – the pages are inherently fast and enjoy high Page Speed Insights scores even with the new update.