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11-Nov-2020 23:53

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I’m hyped on the chance to give some feedback about my dates and to possibly get better match suggestions because of it, but at the same time, Hinge’s solution feels vague.Just answering whether someone was my type doesn’t allow me to provide real thoughts or talk about the experience.This isn’t the case with every profile, but swipe around long enough on The Grade and you’ll see the pattern emerge.

Eighty-eight percent of women said they wouldn't like a guy if he had a negative peer review.

New year’s resolution: respond to messages in a more timely fashion.

The Grade does sound somewhat similar to Peeple, the much-derided, still-unlaunched app pitching itself as a place to post Yelp-style reviews of, yes, people.

Peer review grades, he added, only post if a number of people have rated you.

That said, you can submit a peer review without even matching with someone, and most of the grades on The Grade follow a familiar pattern: people perceived as good-looking get the As, folks perceived as unattractive get Fs, and the people in between get Bs and Cs.I matched a good looking guy, and we connected almost immediately.

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