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06-Feb-2020 08:15

Thanks also to Marschall, Gortz and Pearson for their ground breaking research on the Walther PP and PPK SS pistols. I have been fortunate to acquire in relatively quick fashion so far three variations of the SS PPK and one variation of the SS PP.I will now be hard on the hunt for a first variation SS PPK--RZM with muzzle ring serial added by SS armorers and matching magazine.

It is perhaps the most choice and high grade Walther vintage pistol in my collection now.How do i find the mfg date for walther serial number 326464. This wonderful image collections about Walther Ppk Serial Numbers Chart is accessible to save.Excellent writeup regarding the SS contract pieces.

Good luck on finding an RZM muzzle ring serial PPK. I think not, but alas, you are now entering the world of controversy!This K below serial number PPK has become known and associated with the SS as a result of research by Dieter Marschall and Joachim Gortz and their booklet entitled [u]SS Walther PP/PPK 1939-1944 and further research by John Pearson and his series of articles expanding on this work and published in Auto Mag (NAPCA) in four (4) installments.