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You can increase Rachel’s fun during the introduction, by winning at the casino (note that winning will not raise RACHfun above 2), buying something at the store, or by taking Crystal & Erica to the bar but not impressing them enough to go to the leisure centre.

It also looks like preparing Kelly for the competition was supposed to increase RACHfun but it actually increases RACHinf.(RACHfun 1)“Hey. ”“Continue”"Step outside""Take in the view""Grab her ass"or(RACHdri 1)“Hey. ”"Go to the kitchen""Get a drink from the cupboard"Go to strip club"Talk to Leilani""Let them talk"“Meet Leilani later”Go to casino"Book a room for the night""Book a room""Do something else"(RACHfun 1; won’t raise RACHfun higher than 2)"Go gambling"“Just pick a number.”(It doesn’t matter which number you pick, especially if you edit and comment out the line ‘ar Links[1] = "casloose.html";’)"Kiss her during the excitement""Finish kissing""Collect winnings"(RACHdri 1)"Have a drink at the bar""Buy a vodka""Go somewhere else"Go to bar (if you want the Leilani ending skip the following steps, and go straight to Leilani Ending at the bottom of this walkthrough)(RACHdri 1)“Let's get a drink.”“Two beers.”"Finish having drinks""Speak with Leilani""Talk with Leilani""Take the ticket"(You can also dance, but that doesn’t affect anything)Go to the bar"Speak with Sophie"“Err...hi, boss.

' go back to lounge watch the porn movie then go to bed Day 3, Lock the office door, sit and get undress, go photocopy her breast, go talk to Jess, go home Day 4, go to bedroom , put the dress on, go do the escort job, choose just to kiss the guy then go back home Day 5, Put dress on go to party, choose the office guy, kiss her, go to her place with him....enjoy 'mind you if you did the same things for Jess or the Boss ending 'strip or model jobs you can still get the guy instead pics are different on Day 5 'Friday' hes not too fussy lol Alone ending do any one of the above, choose job and pick the right outfit at the store for it, make sure you bought the dildo at the adult store as well, go to the party with whatever clothing you bought but choose then to go back home alone, while in bed click on the right side of her room to get the dildo ending That's about it.I didnt forget anything .......

You are invited to the academy to hold a few simple lectures.

”"Let her choose""Watch""Watch""Walk into the dressing room"(You should be able to manage things from here)Go to restaurant"Talk to the barmaid"(For RACHdri 1 choose “Can we get some drinks?

” here and then talk to the barmaid again, it’s not necessary for this path though)“Are you OK.

sit on the lounge pick the adult movie, go elsewhere, go to kitchen, go get booze, drink, go out, buy strap-on at the adult store then buy the bikini, go homego to bedroom, get undress, go back to lounge and watch porn movie, go to sleep 3rd day..

Lock the office door, sit and get undress, go flirt with Jess, back to office, now go photocopy breast 4th bedroom, put the bikini on then go the to the photo-shoot, do all poses wearing bikini and get naked, finish job after talk with photographer go home Day 5 go to the party in the bikini and meet up with Jess, flirt with her .it from there 'if she falls asleep on you then you forgot the strap-on'Office guy Just do as usual to start on Day 1, pick the escort job from the computer , sit take off top, go flirt with him, back to office, Day 2, sit on the lounge pick the porn movie, go elsewhere, kitchen, go get booze, drink, go out buy dildo at the adult store then buy the dress at the department store 'choose to walk home' when your at home click near the bottom of the bedroom door ' undress but not go to bed' ps: if you choose the middle or top part of the door only option will be to go to bed so dont !!

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You can't just hang around wet.”"Let her undress""Dance"“Why doesn't Rachel show Alex how to really dance?Go do the strip job pick the police uniform, dance , remove the tie, dance, remove belt, dance, remove shirt, dance, remove shoes, dance, remove pants, dance, remove panties, then leave stage go home Day 5, pick the Christmas dress go to party get the boss, you now know what to do :-)Jess On day One..pick the model job, sit take off top, go compliment Jess, talk to the boss, go back to the office go home 2nd day..If you’re curious, the paths where a certain level of either is required are listed below.

RACHfun = 3Required for Rachel to suggest game at hotel Required for Rachel to be willing to strip in competition Required for Rachel to be willing to strip at the sex club (Leilani ending)RACHfun = 2Required for Rachel to be willing to go to leisure centre with Crystal and Erica RACHdri = 3Required for Rachel to suggest game at hotel RACHdri = 2Required for Rachel to flash the player after buying the Alex outfit You can increase the number of drinks that Rachel has had during the introduction, or at the casino, restaurant or bar.

During the introduction you have a choice between gaining a point of influence (RACHfun) or having a drink (RACHdri).

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