Updating xml using linq

13-Sep-2019 15:28

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NET Framework you can take advantage of LINQ’s syntax to perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on XML files.In this example, we will be looking at LINQ to XML and seeing how we can read XML files, its data and add new elements.Consider the XML in Listing A, a cut down version of the XML spreadsheet; you would think the XPath statement //Row would be enough to find each row, but alas, it isn't.

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So I downloaded and installed LINQPad, a free tool for developing LINQ (although if you want to use auto-complete, that feature is not free).The final part of the puzzle is the LINQ to SQL, the database insert.In this example, the database name is States List, and it's necessary to create a new instance, set the values, and submit. Listing C Information is essentially arriving at our doorsteps in a number of formats and, rather than create an application for each format, I find that sometimes it's faster to code a quick and dirty solution. If you want to filter by attribute, you would need to specifically add the attribute filter to the query and then return the matching elements.

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This file is part of an ATM's database, containing the user's details. Say "User123" is login at the atm and deposit money, it must only get the balance of "User123" and change it.

Using LINQ to XML you can create new elements and then add them where you want in your XML document.

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