Updating password parameter

28-Jul-2020 18:25

If you’re using an account linked to your Microsoft account, the steps outlined above won’t apply.

(available only for Basic MSI and Install Script MSI projects) accepts nearly all of the same command-line parameters.

Everything else is normal so for example error messages during installation are displayed and the startup prompt is (if you haven't disabled it with Disable Startup Prompt or the '/SP-' command line option explained above). Causes Setup to create a log file in the user's TEMP directory detailing file installation and [Run] actions taken during the installation process. For example, if you suspect a file isn't being replaced when you believe it should be (or vice versa), the log file will tell you if the file was really skipped, and why.

If a restart is necessary and the '/NORESTART' command isn't used (see below) and Setup is silent, it will display a Reboot now? The log file is created with a unique name based on the current date.

When a valid /LANG parameter is used, the Select Language dialog will be suppressed. Using this command line parameter causes Setup to automatically select a custom type.

Overrides the default directory name displayed on the Select Destination Location wizard page. May include an "expand:" prefix which instructs Setup to expand any constants in the name. If no custom type is defined, this parameter is ignored.

The number of days before a password is changed that a notification will be sent to recipients, a re-notification interval that determines the number of days between notifications for the same password expiration (optional) and a re-notification period that determines the period of time during which these notifications will be sent (optional).

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Nor is it designed to be machine-parsable; the format of the file is subject to change without notice.

Highly scalable, available, and durable, Parameter Store is backed by the AWS Cloud.