Updating gentoo kernel

05-Apr-2020 06:55

Also these stackoverflow thread here and here have nice answers._________________-- Gentoo from 2004.3 Oh, took a new home in the fediverse: find me in the stream on pluspora.com: https://pluspora.com/tags/gentoo The only real problem I see is accepting all the defaults. Create a user who can build and install the kernel only, setup sudo so the user is able to change ownership and install modules etc.

99% of those are just adding worthless bloat since most new hardware options will default to "Yes" which is clearly not what you want and most of the other new stuff is similarly useless._________________First things first, but not necessarily in that order. I'm currently working on the dematerialization circuit for my blue box. Script I use for building the kernel below for a desktop PC which does not require initramfs: ### Script to compile kernel - with the sequence ### ============================================ ### check linux symlink information using eselect output ### change ownwership to kernel_builder_user (to allow regular user kernel compile) ### if new option used then ### run make mrproper to clear kernel compile information ### copy .config from previous kernels (stored in /usr/src/) ### then for new or recompile options continue with ### run make oldconfig prompts for new features settings ### run make menuconfig or make nconfig to configure kernel ### run make and make modules to compile kernel and modules ### run make modules_install to install modules ### copy kernel to become new kernel-current ### re-emerge xf86-input-evdev to ensure X mouse and keyboard input work ### Script requires:- kernel_builder user with entries to allow sudo of chown, make modules_install, ### and emerge.

Currently, it's running on kernel 3.17.8-gentoo-r1. FYI, same errors happen in the chrooted environment.

The 'host'-environment has no issues with the volumes. I did, however, wish to pose the question at this time since you may be able to reduce my time searching.

This is because it updates the Linux kernel and Raspberry Pi firmware to the very latest version which is currently under test.

updating gentoo kernel-80

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make menuconfig -d debug-info-menuconfig # could probably use | tee have not played with this much.

Syncing Gentoo portage is basically like the BSD upgrade, for a quick upgrade I’ve just made a script few years ago with the same commands listed in Upgrade guide, please feel free to contribute or mail me for corrections on the script.

But before the script it’s important to understand the golden rule: read what your computer is writing to you, I think it should be applied to everything but expecially read what is saying, that’s why I’ve placed a pause after each command; for example if you need to upgrade portage because it’s telling you so then you’ve to do this so interrupt the script and upgrade portage, then re-run the script again from the step you’re. /bin/bashkeypress() clearecho "System Upgrade Script"echo "--------------------------------------------------------------------------------"echoecho -n -e "portage sync ?

If you just followed my previous blog about Gentoo you’ll probably trying to understand what “easy upgrade” is for me and what I’ve to do for maintaining my system up to date.

If you take a look at the Gentoo Handbook you’ll see how you can install and upgrade your system, expecially read Gentoo Upgrading Guide for making these tasks.

Having updated all modules, there was only one place they hadn't been updated yet.

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