Updating a mysql database using php

24-Aug-2020 08:56

class, and a sample My SQL database table we can work with.The first thing we need for our Java UPDATE example is a sample My SQL database table.My SQL is one of the most effective databases and the best thing is that it is used free of charge.You have to enable the Microsoft Active X Data Objects X. Sub Update My SQLDatabase PHP()' For detailed description visit Database_Name As String Dim User_ID As String Dim Password As String Dim Cn As ADODB. Value 'i d user or username Password = Range("e3"). Value ' IP number or servername Database_Name = Range("e1"). Value ' Name of table to write torad = 0While Range("a6"). Value 0 Then Text Strang = Text Strang & "', " & Cells(5, 1 kolumn) & " = '" & Cells(6 rad, 1 kolumn) kolumn = kolumn 1 Wend Text Strang = Text Strang & "'" SQLStr = "UPDATE " & Tabellen & " SET " & Text Strang & "WHERE " & Cells(5, 1) & " = '" & Cells(6 rad, 1) & "'" Set Cn = New ADODB. Open "Driver=; Server=" & Server_Name & "; Database=" & Database_Name & _ "; Uid=" & User_ID & "; Pwd=" & Password & ";" Cn.

--------------------------- Microsoft Visual Basic --------------------------- Compile error: User-defined type not defined Comment made by: Agus , 2010-09-07 [ODBC Driver Manager] The data source name not found and there was no default driver specified. Comment made by: Denfox , 2012-05-16 How can you only make it so it updates a few rows or columns? Comment made by: Bob , 2012-05-30 The Data source name not found error comes from well, the data source not being found.You need a connector, ODBC for latest version download the excel file ate the bottom of this page or copy and paste the code directly.In the file there are some data that needs to be added according to your set up of the My SQL database and connection.We don't have a database set up or anything, but we're just going to set up the HTML front end in order to be prepared to start interacting with that data.

Our main/home page will be located at index.php, so create that file in your public/ directory.

I made it up so I could show an int data type in this table, and I was thinking of those websites where points are awarded for giving correct answers.

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