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02-Mar-2020 04:26

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By Toni Hoy Updated February 05, 2019 Reviewer Audrey Kelly, LMFT Source: People chat online for various reasons.

For instance, maybe they wish to retain contact with old friends and classmates.

It seems the cheerier everyone else becomes, the more alienated you feel from them.

You don't care that hearts and flowers pop up on the screen and cascade down the sides when you say something nice or witty.

When confronted with a message from a troll it's important to recognize how that message impacts us at the moment Often, it is designed to affect our self-esteem, insult our intelligence or be bitingly sarcastic.

It's common to feel outraged that someone we don't even know is being so disrespectful towards us.

You're simply not making an emotional connection with anyone.

Some might argue that it's because a virtual connection isn't real. Your virtual and physical reality coexist and are a part of your life.

Most people, however, often grow tired of pretending to be someone else or maybe someone they are not at some point.In general, it's a great way to develop new relationships and be more social.At the same time, it tends to stave off feelings of boredom. " Interactive robots that make cute faces, avatars you can build and manipulate, photo and video sharing, and yet, do you still feel bored in a chat room?We all have a need to truly relate to others and them to us. The motivations are the same as they would be in the physical world; curiosity, congeniality, the desire to share information, longing for real understanding, reduce loneliness, and a desire to for true community. These games allow us to be a part of something within a cohesive group that has stated goals.

If you've withdrawn from communicating with your friends online, the chances are, you've withdrawn from those around you in the physical world as well.However, every online community has its share of trolls. They prey on those with the least amount of confidence, the most fragile, and the easily intimidated. Some internet scandals have included reports of internet users who were bullied into suicide by online trolls.

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