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For example, corn and rice starch, otherwise identical, differ in size by a factor of 2 (10 μm and 5 μm diameters, respectively); alizarin has a refractive index higher than the standard refractive index liquid (n D = 1.66), while its look-alike, madder, is lower; whiting has one refractive index equal to n D = 1.66 and is rhomb-shaped, while other common carbonate minerals with identical shapes all have higher indices.

Fortunately, each of the pigments, as well as other crystalline substances, have a unique set of physical measurements (Mc Crone et al.

It was often the instrument of choice even when there was sufficient sample available for use of more macro methods of analysis (Schneider 1964; Benedetti-Pichler 1965). From the evidence of PLM, this venerated cloth is a beautiful painting: red ochre and vermilion pigments in a collagen tempera medium on a 14th-century canvas.

There were many university professors of polarized light microscopy (PLM) in both chemistry and geology departments, notably E. There is absolutely no doubt concerning this conclusion, yet it has been accepted only by a few individuals knowledgeable about PLM or by others who were convinced only by the carbon date of 1325 65 years.

These findings illustrate the difference between ultramicroanalysis of a small, highly concentrated sample and a trace analysis of a large sample with a very low concentration of the component in question. Because my microscopical results are rejected by art scholars, I have recently decided to refuse to analyze the pigments in any painting where the objective is authentication.

The fact remains that PLM in the hands of trained microscopists solves many problems faced by art conservators quickly, confidently, and with a small capital investment.

Only a very few individuals and industries maintained their expertise in this nearly abandoned field.

On the assumption that these high technology instruments rendered the polarized light microscope (PLM) obsolete, nearly all colleges and universities dropped their microscopy courses, and many industries stored their light microscopes and reassigned their light microscopists.

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Until the second half of this century the polarized light microscope held a dominant position in microanalysis. A prime example is research on the Turin shround (Mc Crone 1990b).The student must observe, practice, and learn to use those techniques “on the job.” PLM data are far more definitive than the data obtained by SEM/EDS (x-ray microanalysis with the scanning electron microscope) data or even FTIR/microscopy (Fourier transform infrared absorption spectroscopy with microscope attachment), two widely used micro-analytical instruments.PLM not only identifies any pigments but also different forms of, say, lead white, lead oxides, or iron oxides.It was therefore, yellow, and it was sold only for off-white paints.

This negative finding was accepted until another laboratory (Cahill 1987) reported the Ti O2 is present in far too low a percentage to account for the amount we reported in the yellow ink.After an introduction to the methods of microscopical analysis through formal instruction, these methods are best learned by actual observation and practice.

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