The self validating sensor rationale definitions and examples

15-Feb-2020 20:40

The article is devoted to the suggested technique of on-line uncertainty calculation in non-contact temperature measurements, which can be used as a basic algorithm for smart measuring systems, e.g. As the initial data for uncertainty evaluation we use a priori information about heat detector characteristics, calibration curves along with their related uncertainties, estimated ambient temperature and external information of correction factor that should be inputted in a probabilistic form. It coverts sensors’ analog signal to digital value, and then uses polynomial and coefficients stored in singlechip to correct the digital value.

We suggest utilizing models based on a characteristic function, in order to evaluate the combined uncertainty. At last , the singlechip coverts corrected digital value to analog signal to output.

This research has paved the way for future studying of thin film thermocouple cutting temperature sensor technology characteristic.Spitzer, David A.; “Industries Flow Measurement”, pp 197-210; 1990; USA. Henry et al., “A standard Interface for Self-Validating Sensors”, Report No. Henry et al., “The Implications of Digital Communications on Sensor Validation”, Report No. The controller may include an output signal generator that is operable to receive the sensor signal parameters from the sensor parameter processing module and to generate a drive signal for the driver based the sensor signal parameters.De Carlo, Joseph P.; “Fundamentals of Flow Measurement”, pp 208-220; 1984; USA. QUEL 1884/91, University of Oxford, Department of Engineering Science, Sep. QUEL 1912/92, University of Oxford, Department of Engineering Science, Apr. The controller may also include circuitry to generate a drive signal based on the sensor signal.After analyzing impact factors on methane monitoring, this paper established a mathematical model of gas detection system and introduced the key technologies for maintenance-free is dynamic adjusting of system state, auto-zero, auto calibrations of nonlinear and post-processing of the data.

The hardware architecture of the mini intelligent methane sensor based WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) and the automatic and visualized calibration technologies of intelligent methane detecting system are described in detail. The system improved the detection accuracy, prolonged calibration cycle of the methane measuring device and lessened the working strength on calibration.The controller is operable to detect a single-phase flow condition and process the sensor signal using a first process during the single-phase flow condition to generate a validated mass-flow measurement. The controller associated with the flowmeter also may include a sensor parameter processing module to analyze the sensor signal data and generate sensor signal parameters.