The lance star about interracial dating

03-Aug-2020 09:59

That suggests the importance of the diversity of the marriage market, but at the other end of the spectrum, Livingston says, “the story is not as clear.” One one hand, Asheville, North Carolina, where only 3 percent of newlyweds are intermarried and 85 percent of the population is white, fits with the idea that diversity—or lack thereof—drives intermarriage rates.“But on the other hand, Jackson, Mississippi, is relatively diverse, there are relatively high shares of both whites and blacks in the marriage market, yet intermarriage is quite low there, at 3 percent,” Livingston says.One of the first Hollywood productions to explore interracial romance—“Island in the Sun”—takes place on the fictional Caribbean island of Santa Marta.

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For the 1950s, however, this film broke much ground.

At a party, David attracts the attention of the white Mavis Norman (Joan Fontaine).