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09-May-2020 15:22

Take-Two's portfolio includes numerous successful video game series across personal computer and video game consoles, including Bio Shock, Borderlands, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto, NBA 2K, Red Dead, and XCOM.

As of March 2018, it is the third-largest publicly traded game company in the Americas and Europe after Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts, with an estimated market cap of Take-Two was founded by Ryan Brant in September 1993, looking to become a major publisher in the video game area.

The company went public in April 1997, and later acquired the publisher and developer behind Grand Theft Auto, through which it formed Rockstar Games and Rockstar North, respectively, and also leading to their long-standing "label" structure.

From 2003 to 2005, the company fell under investigation by the Security and Exchange Commission related to corporate and personal financial fraud after going public that led to Brant resigning by 2006 alongside the departures of other former executives and board members.

Emerson oversees administrative management of Internal Audit on behalf of the Audit Committee. Emerson was a partner in the New York office of the law firm Blank Rome LLP, where he represented public and private companies in mergers & acquisitions, securities law, financings and general corporate matters. Michael Dornemann is an Lead Independent Director of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Dornemann is an entertainment and marketing executive with more than 30 years of management consulting, corporate development, strategic advisory and media experience. Dornemann was an executive board member of Bertelsmann AG for 16 years and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bertelsmann Entertainment (music and television division, BMG and RTL Group).

Before that, he held positions with IBM and Boston Consulting Group. Dornemann has previously served on several boards, including as Chairman of Jet Set AG, a worldwide fashion company based in Switzerland, until 2009; as a director of Columbia Music Entertainment (CME) of Japan until 2010; and as vice-chairman and as an audit and compensation committee member of Access Worldwide Communications until 2013. Dornemann’s highly relevant leadership, management, marketing and consulting experience, including his role as Chief Executive Officer of Bertelsmann Entertainment, strongly qualifies him to provide effective leadership to the independent directors, and to contribute to all aspects of board discussion and operations, including strong oversight of our management agreement with Zelnick Media Corporation (“Zelnick Media”). Mose is Independent Director of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Moses is a media executive, entrepreneur and consultant with more than 30 years of experience in the television, radio, publishing, video game and digital media industries. Moses is currently a principal and founder to a portfolio of early stage digital ventures in the United States and Southeast Asia. Moses is also the Chairman and CEO of Bingegiving, a public benefit corporation that is a digital platform that turns digital actions into philanthropic gifts and is the Chairman of Rbau Kitchen, a public benefit corporation that is a digital engine for food integration. Moses was most recently an advisor to the President of Kapan Lagi Network, the largest on-line media business in Indonesia from August 2013 to May 2015. Moses was the Founder and, from October 1998 through July 2009, the Chief Executive Officer of UGO Networks, Inc., an online publisher delivering information and entertainment for gamers. Moses managed the sale of that company to the Hearst Corporation in August 2007. Moses previously served as President of MTV Russia and oversaw the successful establishment of MTV Networks in Russia in 1998. Moses also served as the President of BMG Interactive from 1993 to 1996, the former video game and new technologies division of BMG Entertainment. Moses was the Founder and, from 2010 to 2014, President of Bagooba, a social media start up. Moses serves on advisory boards to Simulmedia, Inc. Sheresky is an Independent Director of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Sheresky is a partner at United Talent Agency, where he has served as a motion picture talent agent since June 2009. Sheresky is responsible for structuring projects and deals in the areas of motion picture and television development, production and distribution.

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Srinivasan was the Co-Founder of Fiero Now, an education technology company.While Brant had worked for his father on business matters for Interview, he wanted to forge his own path, deciding to create a video game publishing company.Brant stated "I wanted to get into a business where I could raise capital as a younger guy.In technology people expect you to be a younger person." Take-Two found its first major success within games that included full motion video with well-known live actors performing the parts, following the success that Mechadeus had with The Daedalus Encounter which featured Tia Carrere.

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Take-Two hired Dennis Hopper, among others, to star in parts for Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller (1994), which sold over 300,000 copies over the following year and established profit for the company.During that time, he represented authors, journalists, screenwriters, directors, producers and actors in the motion picture and television businesses. Sheresky’s entertainment experience as a talent agent is an important asset to the Board of Directors, including his particularly strong insight into the development and compensation of creative talent and of management. La Verne Srinivasan is Independent Director of the Company. Srinivasan is Vice President of the National Program and Program Director for Education at the Carnegie Corporation of New York, employing creative strategies and innovative thinking to strengthen urban education.