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14-Nov-2019 16:07

I'll start off with the old Stanley and Bailey shaves and then maybe expand from there.

I've needed a list like this and hope it might be useful to somebody else.

The blade has a slot cut through the top edge to allow removal through the mouth of the shave without completely removing the cap iron.

Stanley advertised this shave as being designed especially for use in Manual Training Schools or for any use requiring the use of an extra light spokeshave.

Starting December 2008 - I'm on holidays at the beach, it's been storming and raining and I have run out of books to read.

Inspired by some threads on the old tools list, and the many times I have wanted to refer to a list of old spokeshaves, I have decided to put together a list of various old models out and about.

Small straight handled convex shave with 1 1/2 inch blade.

A thumbscrew is used to adjust the yoke angle which changes the mouth opening for courser or finer work.It is suspected that either those are Raised handled round bottom #51R shaves that have not been correctly identified, or perhaps there is some regional difference, maybe UK/US.