Spina bifida dating

21-Jan-2020 19:29

That was the experience of Mr Eric Ting, 45, a freelance trader who became a quadriplegic after a car accident when he was studying in Australia. After the accident, he had two serious relationships that lasted several years, but they eventually failed due to objections from his girlfriends' parents.

"When others date people with disabilities, some may think it's quite special.

Mr Ting occasionally contributes articles and videos to Able Thrive, an online resource platform for people with disabilities and their families.

He says confidence on both sides helps strengthen the relationship.

"I'm trying to improve myself, to see whether I can get a job in the future," says Mr Eng, who dropped out of school at about 16 after his condition worsened.

Most days, he goes to the Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore, where he learns computer and other skills, and takes part in sports such as power soccer and boccia - ball games played by wheelchair-users. Sometimes, parental expectations throw a spanner in the works.

Her condition also limits where she can go on dates.

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Once, someone's first question to her was what it felt like to be in a wheelchair, which she thought was rude.In fact, the issues faced by people with disabilities may not always differ vastly from those faced by their able-bodied counterparts.