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But she feels like Madison is still reliving its glory years in a sense, instead of facing its challenges and being the “best place” it’s been characterized so often in lists.

“Certainly someone is going to create a spark in Madison—a vision of something that can be our next 1960s moment.

Maybe this person isn’t finding the exact career or community that he or she is looking for.

A transitioner might also be part of the University of Wisconsin–Madison student population and is in town only for the duration of his or her schooling.

One big change would be to acknowledge the work being done for and around the Race to Equity report, which published after her columns did. On the whole, it feels like our median age is going down, not up, in larger part because of Epic and all of its spinoffs.

Certainly our airport is busier than ever,” she says.

There’s a reason Madison ranks high on many “best places to live” polls, including Wallet Hub’s 2017 “happiest places to live” study that placed Madison 15th overall compared to 150 other U. cities in the areas of emotional and physical well-being; income and employment; and community and environment. A “transitioner” in Madison is someone who doesn’t consider Madison a place to put down roots.

But these hometowners might be “loving Madison blindly,” according to Rebecca Ryan, a Madison-based economist and former columnist for this magazine who says there are some downfalls Madison needs to own up to—like the loss of certain opportunities when living in a city its size. Maybe this person is not among the nearly 83 percent white population or doesn’t experience the “best places to live” perks.

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Hometowners will probably be quick to share what they love about Madison—the lakes, the parks, the food scene, the tech community, the Badgers and more.

“Madisonians—many of whom fall left of center politically—have a hard time hearing anything that doesn’t fit neatly into the ‘Madison is a great city’ storyline,” Ryan wrote in a follow-up column the next month.

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