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23-Sep-2020 03:19

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Registration and happy hour will start at 6pm, followed by trivia at 7pm. Questions and categories will be from every fandom (Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Marvel/MCU, Star Wars & some random fun too).

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Although it didn’t work out romantically with them, one of these men I still count as my good friend today (sorry, he is taken ladies) and I helped introduce him to his current circle of guy friends. I noticed many of the women were sharing the same feelings at the end of the night so a group of us decided to go to dinner after the event. swiping right In the world of app and online dating, there is a good chance that someone does a) not look like their picture or is b) shorter or taller than they listed or c) more extroverted or introverted than their text conversations led you to believe.