Sonicwall sonicpoint n not updating firmware

03-Mar-2020 23:24

An extension to local ACL, cloud ACL is deployed and managed from a centralized RADIUS server in the cloud.This eliminates local ACL scalability issues, enabling organizations to configure authentication accounts based on their specific requirements.Sonic WALL Wireless Network Security solutions greatly simplify deployment and setup while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).Integrated into every Sonic WALL firewall is a wireless controller that auto-detects and auto-provisions Sonic Points across the network.This access is separate from internal access and requires guest users to securely authenticate to a virtual access point before access is granted.Lightweight hotspot messaging extends the Sonic WALL wireless guest services model of differentiated internet access for guest users, enabling extensive customization of the authentication interface and the use of any kind of authentication scheme.In addition, MAC authentication can be enforced on all Wi Fi-enabled devices even if they are not capable of 802.1x support.This adds another layer of protection to the wireless network.

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Sonic Points are powered from a Sonic WALL IEEE 802.11at Power over Ethernet (Po E) Injector or third-party device for easy deployment where electrical outlets are not readily accessible.

Ongoing management and monitoring of Sonic Points and security are handled centrally through the firewall or through the Sonic WALL Global Management System, providing network administrators with a single pane of glass from which to manage all aspects of the network - both wired and wireless.

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