Slow updating on l d

15-Oct-2019 20:49

First, my apologies if this is discussed elsewhere or if this is being asked in the wrong sub-forum; I did a search and only found hits referring to a metered and/or Wi Fi connection, neither of which applies to me.I live in Costa Rica, and have only a (nominal) 2Mbps connection -- which is the fastest available in my neighborhood.Does your i Pad run slowly or seem to bog down after a few hours?

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This app sends data to a remote server and then sends data back to the i Pad, testing both upload and download speeds. It could be that something is interfering with the wireless signal (such as a refrigerator positioned between the i Pad and router) or that your i Pad is too far away from the router.In this way, Facebook might reach out and retrieve posts to your news feed or a news app may fetch the latest articles, so they'll be ready for you.

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