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24-Sep-2020 04:51

I always say to them though that they’re lucky – it could have all gone wrong. All the work on heritability was never based on looking at genes; it was based on the similarity between identical twins or between parents and children. There’s no way I could be the same person knowing my brother had passed away. In the world we live in, what we know and what we don’t know are like Siamese twins, inseparable, existing in a state of confusion. You know, identical twins are never really identical. I may look like my brother, but I am one of a kind. Without identical twins, you’ll never get to experience entering a hotel room with one of them and watching him run into the full-length mirror because he thought he saw his brother. Being a twin, and knowing if my twin was gone or lost – that’s a part of me. Time speeds past fast, scattering like shrapnel, and is quiet as cobwebs. Sister will find out first; she’ll be my living memory. I read them picture books until they were reading on their own. I can’t tell you how terribly glad I am that you’re going to be all right, George said, rather thickly. And when you need something bad done, like punishment or revenge, you’ll just ask me, and I will do it. There is a special bond between twin soul mates – unconditional love, respect for each other, bringing out the best in each other, and highly compatible. They flourish in a thousand incarnations of closeness and distance, warmth, loyalty and distrust. I found the notion that two people could appear to look exactly alike very compelling.

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Ah, how little you know of human happiness – you comfortable and benevolent people! I don’t feel the need to explain my actions to her. I don’t tell her everything, not anymore, but I tell her more than anyone else, by far. We spent nine months back to back, covering each other. It never mattered to me that she was a girl, strange for a deeply self-conscious kid. But that you, as parents, have been doubly blessed. We raided the closets for costumes and fought over parts.