Shes hesitant about dating cultural differences dating indian

17-Oct-2020 10:55

I know shes had a couple clingers who would call and almost demand her being around, needy, jealous guys who couldnt stand her doing anything without them. I dont know if shes EVER had a guy who did treat her properly. We have a lot of fun together and I enjoy who she is as a person. Just I wish I could get over this little hump with her and have her realize that I am worth the risk of being burned, simply because I am risking the same thing she is...I think the major thing is shes seeing a lot of her friends getting married... Fw-300 .qstn-title #ya-trending-questions-show-more, #ya-related-questions-show-more #ya-trending-questions-more, #ya-related-questions-more /* DMROS */ .This has been a bit of an issue with me and I have attempted to address the situation calmly and look at it with open eyes... When we first met she was talking to a guy and hanging out with him from time to time, however it was not serious on either end she was very open with me about that.In the end it's either good enough for her or it's not..take things slow, withdraw just a little bit. There are a few issues with old "good" friends who have gone against her and ruined friendships or only talked to her when they needed things... I think maybe she thought their intentions were better than they were and was disappointed with the outcome...So maybe in a sense shes used to being taken advantage of... I think when she finally got to the point where she emotionally comitted to a guy they always changed or tried to control her...When women tend to "figure a guy out" they sometimes lose interest. I don't like some of my friends gf's but I keep it to myself as long as they are happy.

Vicki is only in her 50s, so things are not going to change much for the foreseeable future.

After what you have been through in the past you have grown by leaps and bounds.

You know what you want and you are staying true to yourself.

I have been on my own since college when I left my dysfunctional family behind, so maybe I'm making too much out of joining a multi-generational household. 1 1 Doesn't Equal 2A: I feel like I'm answering a movie plot here, so I'm going to post this and duck.

You have two issues, not just the never-my-home one. at all." I'm not saying that can't work, but you at least have to think really, really hard about what it will take to make it work before you sign up for it.

We have tentatively discussed living elsewhere while Steve still runs the farm, but it would be something of a hardship for him and he doesn't see any need to do so since there's plenty of room in the huge old farmhouse.