Sexfight chat

26-Mar-2020 10:31

The point isn't to prove who the dom is between two men, the point is to prove who the better man is, and yes, a sub can sexually be a better man than a dom.Nutfighting, a common act in man to man sexfighting (but not one I see as necessary at all, and am not really looking for) where two rivals attempt to prove whose balls are stronger.i am guessing it can be simply a contest or can be a contest but also turn each other on.i think if its just rubbing cocks to stimulate thats not really a fight and you can have a contest and stimulate each other after too so its a complex thing I can see the bi-gay interest, but for me it is more of a naked fight between two men gay or not.Winner has bragging rights and can post photos if he wishes.Winner has loser for the evening/night and next morning.

In some matches the rivals will insert into each other's ass a double ended dildo so as to outfuck the other.

I find that as the match continues and clothes are ripped off, that it all involves a cock fight and who will cum first.

I always try to get my opponent to cum first as it drains him and becomes somewhat easier for a pin or submission.

There is no pinning at all, no stopping the other man from sexually touching you. You want to go all out at each other in the same way, so you can prove that you are better.

Ideas of "sub" or "dom", "top" or "bottom" should melt away in a sexfight.One aspect of cock fighting I like most is to box my opponents cock with my own...mixed in with fighting for physical dominance by wrestling and body punching.

Muchas chicas están abiertas al juego anal (uno de mis favoritos) y muchas mujeres están listas para dominarte y darte instrucciones sobre cómo masturbarte, si eso es lo que más te gusta. Honestamente, cuando encuentres a la chica perfecta para ti, la que realmente te proporciona la experiencia web que deseas, la recordarás, visitarás frecuentemente y le darás una gran propina.… continue reading »

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