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Their English level really varies from being very good to very bad.If you’re in Hanoi for a long period of time it’s worth joining up to Meetup and heading to events, as most Hanoi girls that use Meetup have a good grasp of English.Another option is to state that there are two guests staying in your hotel when you book, and when you bring a girl back just state she is your girlfriend.

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A note of caution prostitution is illegal in Vietnam and many hotels will not let you take a guest back to your room.

It is easy to find many of Hanoi’s sexy girls here having fun and relaxing with friends.

Just tread carefully giving personal information in public.

If you want to meet Hanoi chicks without paying for sex, read this article.

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All you have to do is walk along the bustling streets or take a beer in the early evening and you cannot help but to bump into a Hanoi girl.The Hanoi girls will find exchanging phone numbers highly embarrassing.