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A P-3C Orion surveillance aircraft secured aerial footage and reconnaissance.

Radio communication between the two ships was established.

In addition, Perry and 1st A/E (Assistant Engineer) Matt Fisher swung the ship's rudder, which swamped the pirate skiff. Perry had initially taken main engine control away from the bridge and 1st A/E Matt Fisher had taken control of the steering gear.

Perry then shut down all ship systems and the entire vessel "went black." The pirates captured Captain Richard Phillips and several other crew members minutes after boarding, but soon found that they could not control the ship.

Four foreign vessels held by pirates headed towards the scene.

A total of 54 hostages were on two of the ships, citizens of China, Germany, Russia, the Philippines, Tuvalu, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

The captors were also communicating with other pirate vessels by satellite phone.

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The pirates then threw a phone and a two-way radio dropped to them by the U. Navy into the ocean, fearing the Americans were somehow using the equipment to give instructions to the captain.

for the captain, but the exchange went awry and the pirates refused to honor the agreement after the crew released their captive.