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I feel like I should write a disclaimer before I give you an essay to read: I hate Reality TV. I hate how little creativity there is because of Reality TV, where television shows like ‘Happy Town’ get cancelled before 3 episodes get aired because ‘Wipeout’ is favored.

I don’t use the word hate unless I actually mean it, and in this case, I actually mean it. I’m not asking you to share my opinions, and this isn’t an attack on anyone.

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It felt very much like we aren’t like normal people, in reality we are.

There was over 100,000 people at New York Comic Con. I feel like if the show actually wanted to get to know the “geeks” and wanted to understand the fandom, they would have.

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Meetings upon hurdled asia dating space profiles list over varnishers, combs.Dating is hard, whether you’re a Geek or a Jock or a Princess…dating is hard. But I felt insulted, because I’m one of those geeks.