Row cannot be located for updating delphi

08-Oct-2019 08:58

on the otherhand if you are keeping a recordset open for any length of time,requiring you to worry about what other users are doing, then you need aserver side cursor, either keyset or dynamic.

Post by fniles Please let me know if I understand it correctly.

Hi, I am getting this error message in VB6 with My SQL 4.1. Most of the rows update fine but some give the error below.

Update method somebody else alreadyupdate either Status, Price,or Location column. Post by fniles Say the previous value are the following: Status = 0, Price = 2000, Location = 'TX'Is it correct that on the query above, the ADO Cursor Engine builds aquery like Update my Table SET Status = 1, Price = 2500, Location = 'IL' where[Order] = 'D100-12345' and Status = 0 and Price = 2000 and Location ='TX' ? Recordsets, while inefficient for updating data, do provide goodfunctionality for handling concurrency issues. Cursor Location = ad Use Client "Select * from inv_inv where inv ID = p_inv ID, my CN, ad Open Static, ad Lock Optimistic rs! I have read some stuff about this happening when a table does not have a primary key etc. I am using Lock Typead Lock Optimistic and cursor Type ad Open Keyset. The table it tries to update has an Identity column. This is usually due to a lack of a primary key on the table.

row cannot be located for updating delphi-55

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I am using Lock Type ad Lock Optimistic and cursor Type ad Open Keyset. If your tabledoes have a primary key, the problem can also be caused by not including theprimary key field(s) in the select clause of the query used to open therecordset.

Recordsets, whileinefficient for updating data, do provide good functionality forhandling concurrency issues.

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