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02-Apr-2020 23:06

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Wrestle Mania 34 was supposed to be - and evidently was - Rousey's coming-out party as a WWE superstar, but a few days prior to the show, news came out that her husband, Travis Browne, had been involved in an altercation with Alicia Fox.

A video came out which showed Fox calling Browne "rude" and shoves away the camera that was filming the two during their discussion.

According to some sources, WWE wasn't happy with Fox's handling of the situation and chose to remove her from the Wrestle Mania's Women's Battle Royal, although some have since disputed that was because she hadn't yet been cleared for in-ring action.

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On multiple occasions, Cyborg has attacked Rousey's character or her drive in interviews.

They've apparently become quite close during the promotion for the film, likely stemming to the fact they had a pre-existing relationship as Wahlberg was an executive producer on When Rousey lost to Holly Holm at UFC 193, plenty of fellow fighters expressed their joy online and Bethe Correia was one of the most vocal and excited.

Even prior to Rousey's return at UFC 207 against Amanda Nunes, Correia told Combate re: Rousey's loss to Holm: "I always said Ronda didn't have a strong psychological side and the proof to that is that she's been missing ever since she lost. I don't know how she is or what her reasons were, but I don't think she's doing all right." If that sounds like a relatively tame chirp, you should consider that, a year earlier, prior to Rousey dismantling Correia in 34 seconds, the Brazilian fighter made a comment stating that she "hopes [Rousey] does not take her life later on." It was particularly harsh given Rousey's father had previously taken his own life.

During Rousey’s appearance in promo’s for her “‘Let’s be honest.

I just can’t keep my mouth shut sometimes #sorrynotsorry pretty sure we’re still married. #DNB #When he hits you across your pretty face, don’t come crying to me. For her part, Duke is a 31 year old native of Kentucky who, like Rousey, had an impressive start to her MMA career, but lost three consecutive UFC fights and five in total before deciding to transition to wrestling. I'm like, 'You're like a supermodel sitting there, playing video games!