Red flags for women in online dating

19-Feb-2020 05:53

So, let’s take a look at top red flags in women you date: Don’t fall for this one.

She expects you to feel bad because you are a man and expects you to always consider men as “sexist.”Women who claim to be feminists have been indoctrinated by the system to believe that they’re victims of an evil patriarchy that seeks to keep them in the kitchen at all cost; they’re hostile and competitive in nature, which negates any chance of having a polarized relationship with them.The only thing that is worse than dating a slut is falling in love with one or marrying one.The consequences of dating a low morale woman can be devastating for your psychological health, confidence and your wallet.You don’t want to notice her reaction and wonder where you went wrong.

And if you ask a passive-aggressive person what bothers them they will never admit it. She will maybe cry and everything but at the end, you will be blamed.She is basically telling you that if you leave her, you are a terrible person and that she can and will make a scene and potentially ruin your life.

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