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18-Nov-2020 09:43

While she’s in Maine, she’ll be appearing at One Longfellow Square to give some advice on “My 7 Best Secrets to Find the Right Man.” Q: Your new book is so detailed and obviously very well researched.But honestly, by the time I was halfway through it, I kind of felt like it’s a miracle that anyone gets into a relationship considering how many immediate assumptions are being made about the other person. A: I think what has slowly happened in the last few years as online dating has exploded is that there’s this mentality that there’s always a better match just a mouse click away. The mentality now is that they feel this almost arrogance that there’s so much volume out there — so many men, so many women — that they’re now looking to rule out instead of rule in.Greenwald is married and has three children, ages 9, 13 and 15.She and her husband are about to celebrate their 18th anniversary as they do every year — with a nice dinner in a Portland restaurant.” Rachel extracted unabashedly honest and raw details.It turns out there are clear, tangible, consistent reasons why marriage-minded men either fall for you or disappear.Now successful dating coach Rachel Greenwald shares her proven 15-step action program based on simple marketing tactics she learned at Harvard Business School.

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Did you know that if you send a quick thank-you e-mail after a first date, the guy is not likely to ask you out again — even though he says he appreciates such gestures?

There’s a reason the media has dubbed matchmaker Rachel Greenwald as “The Wife Maker.” Yes, she’s responsible for over 750 marriages, but more importantly, she has solved perhaps the biggest dating mystery of all time: when you finally meet Mr. Potential), what really compels him to call back (or not) after a date?