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The choices were: I Love New York 3, Take a vacation, or find a real job. A casting call was issued for a VH1 reality dating show starring Frank Maresca (The Entertainer).In a new and improved semester at Charm School, Headmistress Ricki Lake is shaking things up. Mauricio Sanchez played New York's assistant, "Chamo," during the first season.The production of a second season of I Love New York was first announced during a commercial break for the April 29, 2007, episode of Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School.” Well readers, you asked and we’re going to give it to you.Since there were two seasons, a total of 40 men, we picked out some of the most popular ones.The reality show followed New York as she searched for a regular job.After the finale, viewers were asked to vote on what she should do next.

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But, because he was almost I Love New York (Season 1)KO’d by fellow contestant Chance in a boxing challenge, New York eliminated him.

After ILNY he dated New York’s spitting adversary Pumkin, and then appeared on “I Love Money.” After being eliminated on the fourth episode, he vowed off doing anymore VH1 reality television shows and went into stand-up.

On the second-season finale Ahmad selected "Doll" and Kamal selected "Hot Wingz".

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In 2015, Ahmad (Real) died from colon cancer at age 33 or 35.

Whiteboy Joshua Gallander had an instant connection with New York, was favored by her mother, and became friends with fellow contestants Real and Chance.