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Option 2: Adapter USB-Ethernet (WA4010, WA4070) Attach this adapter to the USB-port of the single dockingstation, and it will provide an Ethernet port. Option 3: Quad-Docking Station (WA4204-G2 / WA4304-G2) The 4-units-dockingstation provide an Ethernet port.The docked units can be connected to any Windows-PC via 10/100base T-Ethernet.Option 2: Adapter WA1001 will be plugged to the serial port of the vehicle docking cradle and provides two USB ports (A B femal) to connect extrnal USB devices.

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Adapter WA4015 attaches to the USB-port of the dockingstation, adapter WA4020 to the Tether-port of the Workabout PRO unit. Easy installation, just replace standard endcap with it and plug x Mod card in - it will be recognized automatically from the unit and is ready to use.

Available System-OS are listed in the table on top. Also it is not possible to upgrade OS (for example G1 to CE5/WM6 or G3 to CE6/WM 6.5).

Microsoft provides infos about Windows Embedded here (link) and Windows Mobile here (link).

Standard stylus can be ordered as spare part (WA6100).

Besides there is a stylus kit attached to the outside of the unit (WA6310, for G2 units only).

We recommend that to get the best battery life you should use default power managment settings. - Units with attached handstrap or pistolgrip also fit in the vehicle cradle. - To connect the cradle to your onboard power, you need a cable set CA1210.