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13-Jan-2020 06:05

So, are polyamorous people “cheating” on their partners? People aren’t polyamorous because they’re unhappy about committing to a relationship.

In fact, one research study showed no difference in relationship satisfaction between people who are monogamous or consensually non-monogamous.

Commitment for monogamous people can mean expressing love by putting time, trust, and respect for shared agreements into a relationship with another person.

Commitment for a polyamorous relationship could mean the same — just with a different set of agreements.

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While polyamory can include sexual relationships with more than one person, it’s not about having sex with multiple people at the same time.If you’ve got the capacity and interest for emotional connections with multiple people at once, that’s a good sign for your ability to practice polyamory.Different people have different reasons for choosing polyamory — so what about it interests you?Of course, if you’re in a monogamous relationship now, then talking with your current partner is an essential step in figuring out if polyamory will work for you.

These tips can help your conversation: It’s honorable if you want to avoid hurting your partner’s feelings, but keeping your true feelings to yourself won’t help set up realistic expectations.

What about trying sex acts that you can’t do with your current partner?

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