Panel interview intimidating

28-Oct-2019 21:04

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For the interviewer, this is a chance to know the real capabilities of the candidate because the responses of the candidate during the behavioural interview cannot be rehearsed or lied about.

In this interview, the interviewer puts before the candidate a situation to solve, generally relating to business.

Such an interview can be an additional interview to enhance the process so that it is more effective.

Candidates too may find such interviews useful to demonstrate their skills and talents.

Worldwide, different job interview styles are followed to make the process perfect.The interviewer gives scores to each candidate depending on the answers and who gets the maximum score is the preferred candidate. The structured interview offers a structure to the process and saves time and gives a definite flow to the interview.As the questions asked in the structured interview are conventional, candidates get to practices and prepare well for the interview.The latter may even pretend to be a difficult team member and pose before the candidate a work situation.

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Situational interview can replace behavioural interview if the candidate is a fresher.The candidate is expected to understand the situation and probe deep into the topic by asking relevant questions and then gather a solution.