Online dating fears

27-Oct-2019 08:10

Are you filling that space of the with worry, doubt, and fear? Another simple but profound way to practice quieting your anxiety is to add "but I really I don't know" to every prediction of the future.Follow the thought "I can't manage this," "I need...," or "I am..." with "but I really don't know." The phrase "But I really don't know" challenges the seeming truth of everything we think.Anxiety about receiving I just met with a single, dating client who is discovering a special kind of relational anxiety.The person she is interested in seems to be willing and able to meet her deepest needs.The above practice of not-knowing is different from confusion and debilitating doubt.Confusion is not enlivening: the confused person is usually somewhat lost and removed from life.

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So when you come across a situation in which you "don't know" what will be there later, notice what you habitually fill in that space with. Recognize that in fact you "really don't know" the future.

Dating, by its very nature, is a situation in which two people have not already committed to a permanent relationship.

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