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11-Nov-2019 09:34

One of the main ways scammers find their target audience is through strategic placement.They will utilize dating sites geared specifically toward those who are especially lonely and more vulnerable– such as divorcees, people with disabilities and even farmers in more rural areas– and use their vulnerability against them.They might make you feel guilty by saying that they love you so very much, so why can’t you send an i Phone to them in the mail to show just how much you love them? You feel like they think you don’t love them, and you’re suckered right in.These scammers will make fake profiles on sites especially for those who are divorced, those who have disabilities and even farmers who live out in rural areas, who might not be quite as familiar with technological scams such as these.

They have no remorse for their actions and will victimize anyone and everyone who will fall for their schemes.You’ll think to yourself, With all kinds of people getting scammed out of hundreds, even thousands of dollars, you would assume the poor victims of this scheme are just wiring cash, never seeing that money again– but that isn’t always the case!