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15-May-2020 21:54

When he raised his manacled left hand in a New Jersey courtroom on Monday afternoon, the 24-year-old accused of gunning down the boss of the Gambino crime family revealed that he had scribbled the QAnon symbol on the palm, along with some right-wing watchwords.“MAGA forever… Patriots in charge.”Has the QAnon fixation been extended from the Clintons to the Gambinos?

With his ballpoint pen scribblings, Anthony Comello seemed to affirm the opinion of three NYPD detectives who had independently described the Staten Island resident with the very same word after his arrest over the weekend.“Nuts.”The only question seems to be how nuts.

Pour cela, la Mouv'Box vous invite à un après-midi dédié à la mobilité internationale !

In January, another QAnon believer allegedly committed fratricide with a 4-foot sword because he was convinced his brother was a lizard.