Miley dating underwear model

08-May-2020 18:26

Despite the significant age difference, Cyrus said that the Cyrus and Gaston families aren't judging the pair, especially because Gaston works with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, who "thinks he's cool." She added, "Our families are like, 'Whatever happens, happens.' If he's nothing but a really good friend, that's awesome.

"More than anything, he's really helped me move on from a lot of things," she said. He's gone through stuff, and I've gone through stuff, and everyone goes through that. "It's like, if [we ever broke up], who are you gonna go to after that?

isn't confirming her relationship with 20-year-old underwear model and aspiring musician Justin Gaston, but then again, she isn't exactly denying it either. The 15-year-old admits that when the two started hanging out last month, she didn't appreciate everyone putting their two cents in about the relationship.

"Maybe, maybe not," she said Thursday (October 23) on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show, when asked if they were an item. I haven't really been answering the question much just because we're just really happy with everything and the way everything has worked out. "After my last two years, there's been a lot of things that happened, so I've learned just not to judge anyone and go into our friendship with an open mind and not really worry about the age or anything," she explained.

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Report: Underwear Model Justin Gaston Miley Cyrus Dating - Miley Cyrus has gone from posing for photos in her underwear to dating someone who does just that for a living. Controversial teen Miley Cyrus is dating 20-year old underwear model Justin Gaston according to Backseat On Sunday, he accompanied Miley and her family to church, then attended Disney’s Concert for Hope where Miley performed with the Jonas Brothers. There has been a lot of controversy from prudes about the Miley Cyrus upskirt picture above in which she is not wearing any panties.As far as the public knows there were no problems in their relationship, just business. :) Miley Cyrus had two boyfriends in the past and one recent on.

Miley Cyrus has been seen hanging out with 20-year-old underwear model/aspiring country singer Justin Gaston on three different occasions in the past week. A source told that the happy couple got out at the valet stand on Santa Monica Boulevard and walked through the mall, “holding hands the whole time.” On Wednesday, they were spotted wandering through at Universal City Walk, where Justin had to stop and wait every time Miley was recognized by fans and asked to pose for photographs.

Miley Cyrus was dating the model Justin Gaston but they broke up at the moment she is dating her co-star Liam Hemsworth from their new movie last song.