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And when I told him he was shocked, and said, ‘Wow, you’re tainted.’ I said, ‘What? He said, ‘Yeah, because of the attacks, the rapes and what you’ve gone through.’” Suffice to say, he soon was her ex-boyfriend.Grier hopes that the women who’ve relived horrible memories in this #Me Too moment felt the relief she did after taking advice that Steinem gave her back when Grier became the first African-American actor to grace the magazine cover, long before Grier was ready to talk about her sexual assaults. I’ve lost too much.’ I think, ‘How do I help this man who is so despondent, and who has a gun?That series imploded directly because of the Weinstein scandal, but she still is hopeful it will come back around as the Weinstein Company is about to be resuscitated by a female-led board and leadership.I was surprised to hear that Grier experienced relatively little sexual harassment during her rise.She also has good memories of Weinstein, who with brother Bob responded to a fundraising effort – Hip Hop for Humanity – to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving, by matching the entire donation, allowing for 20,000 extra dinners.“I don’t mean to soften anything he might have done or who he might have hurt, but they matched that money in my honor and didn’t have to.” As she said about the disgraced journalists and execs: “Don’t forget Charles Kuralt, who we followed forever on He was my idol, and when he died, his second family showed up. It destroyed my mom.” Grier had sympathy for each woman who swallowed the shame for decades but finally spoke out.But the required submissiveness was just too much of her. It’s gone out the window and I worked so hard…’ I said, ‘I can get you money, but have you eaten? But the bad influences around Pryor, and drugs, got the best of him. Everyone’s afraid they’re going to lose their jobs. I think you’re the only person who can reach him.’ “I was on my way to do in New York, and I said I would come down on my way and see if I can do anything or say anything,” Grier said. Maybe like a musician he has to prepare himself, get high before he comes to the set. You always knew he did indulge and now you want him to stop? But you’re gonna have to give him some time, help him figure out how he can prepare without that, so his career isn’t destroyed.’ “So Richard and I talk, we go to the set and he says, ‘I’m glad you came and I’m going to try, I’m really going to try to stop. So, I’m gonna go.” Finally, Grier had enough of the empty promises. I don’t know.’ And I remember going back to my apartment and just sobbing. “And he was recovering and then he tried to get back into the business.

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In that case, Angelou was raped by her mother’s boyfriend, and she told a family member.

As she first revealed in her book, Grier was raped at age 6 by two older boys, and again in college.

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