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All we knew at the time was that biodynamic winemaking had something to do with the full moon. My boss kept asking if various items around the restaurant -- it could have been a chair or a dog for all he cared-- were . It is a category of biodynamic agriculture, which is essentially an organic farming system based primarily upon eight lectures on anthroposophy given by Rudolph Steiner in Germany in 1924.

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I have wandered down many roads since graduating from the California Culinary Academy in 1997: • Assistant pastry chef at a small-yet-charming restaurant in the Mission (or, more accurately, I assumed greater dessert-making responsibilities in direct proportion to my chef's pregnancy) • Behind-the-scenes cooking slave to Molly Katzen, Martin Yan and Jacques Pépin •Assistant food stylist on a number of cookbooks and a couple of commercials • Relieved to have been fired from my post as token male waiter at an overly-lauded hipster Italian restaurant.The borders between natural and farmed areas eventually merge and begin to speak, as Benziger says, "the language of Here's where the moon comes in. Everything in the universe, according to the Ancients, was comprised of some combination of these elements.