Mandating ethanol

07-Dec-2019 21:30

The measure offers no solutions to address concerns about the costs of RINs."The RFS was a well-intentioned idea, but it needs reformed," Udall told reporters. The current RFS encourages the conversion of open land."Welch said the current RFS has led to higher food prices, damage to vehicle engines and the disappearance of wildlife habitat."Many Democrats supported the RFS because of the environmental benefits. "Despite its early promise, the RFS has been a well-intentioned flop that is harming our environment by contributing to the conversion of millions of acres of grasslands, wetlands and forests into crop production while failing to bring about the widespread use of truly sustainable fuels like cellulosic," he said.Sustainability practices like crop rotations and anti-erosive land management were foregone to make room for yet more corn.These changes collectively jeopardize vast swaths of habitat and soil.For the last 13 years, the RFS has been a lose-lose policy for American energy independence and consumer choice.The EPA is keeping the RFS on track for continued failure — despite mandating unattainable biofuel blending requirements year after year, the EPA has yet again proposed an increase in volume targets for 2019.The RFS drove corn demand sharply upward, with corn grown for fuel use increasing by 4.1 billion bushels between 20.To meet that new demand, corn farms replaced other farm land, unfarmed habitats, and lands previously set aside to prevent erosion or species loss.

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In addition, the bill would immediately reduce the amount of ethanol in the nation's fuel supply by 1 billion gallons by capping ethanol by volume at 9.7%.

It's dead on arrival with any lawmaker who cares about the climate, energy security, or the farm economy."Todd Neeley can be reached at [email protected] him on Twitter @toddneeley DTN(AG/CZ)© Copyright 2018 DTN/The Progressive Farmer.

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) mandates the use of ethanol in domestic gasoline supplies.

John Shimkus, R-Ill., and others reportedly are drafting separate legislation to address ongoing concerns about the costs of renewable identification numbers, though there's been little indication that President Donald Trump would sign any reform measure.

During the press call, the lawmakers said numerous studies point to the loss of sensitive grasslands and habitats as a result of crop expansion. Peter Welch, D-Vt., announced RFS legislation aimed at what they said has been an environmental disaster caused by corn ethanol. The Growing Renewable Energy Through Existing and New Environmentally Responsible Fuels Act would phase out corn ethanol from the current 15 billion gallons in the RFS to 1 billion gallons by 2029.

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