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The country is also a candidate for membership of the European Union.Macedonians are proud of their wine and cuisine, which combines Balkan, Mediterranean and Turkish characteristics.The raging river divides the Albanian and Macedonian communities of Skopje.Almost two-thirds of the country's population are Orthodox Christians and a third is Muslim, according to the CIA World Factbook.Macedonia was the only country to emerge peacefully from the former Yugoslavia, but 19 years later it still has an international identity crisis over its name.Macedonia gained independence from the former Yugoslav federation with overwhelming majority support in a referendum on September 8, 1991.International recognition of Macedonia's independence was delayed by Greek objections to the name.Greece eventually agreed to recognize the "former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" designation.

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In addition, through the construction of churches and schools and the assignment of priests and teachers, each state conducted an intense propaganda campaign, whose goal was to instill the "proper" sense of national identity among the Orthodox Christians of Macedonia.Macedonia's president Gjorgje Ivanov came to power in elections in 2009.