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23-Feb-2020 17:04

In addition to its video and audio features, Live Guide is mobile-optimized, allowing both your customers and your agents to chat using phones and tablets.The operator dashboard is intuitive and uncluttered, and agents can manage multiple chat sessions at the same time.Velaro is easy for your customer service agents to use and allows them to monitor the customers using your website in real time.

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In addition to facilitating online communication with your customers, many chat solutions give you valuable insight into your website visitors and their behavior, which can help you market your products and services more effectively or better tailor your business's offerings to your customer base.

Companies with a target audience of millennials and younger may find that a higher percentage of their customers prefer to chat online rather than call customer service.

Customers who use live chat are also happier with their experience than customers who call, email or connect with company representatives on social media.

Adding chat software to your website creates a new communication channel for you to assist customers.

Live video chat tajik women-29

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Many chat software companies offer this technology to both small and large businesses, and have multiple plans to choose from, each with more sophisticated features and reporting capabilities than the last.It also has a Whisper function for internal chats that the customer can't see, which you can use for training new agents or consulting another agent about a customer's question. Although also usable by small businesses, Velaro is the best chat software for large businesses because of the robust data collection and business reporting it provides.