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20-Oct-2020 03:51

However, when we fail to be be emotionally or physically intimate, we are taking no less of a risk.

Equal, satisfying, levels of emotional and physical intimacy in our marriages turns out to be the best for maintaining a loving, healthy relationship. Just like being tall or short, there is a whole range of in-between.

By showing interest in your spouse’s thoughts and feelings without ever criticizing, you will be encouraging your spouse to share more with you.

If your spouse does not trust you enough to do that now, it will take some time for you to earn that trust again. Even a little more sharing by your spouse is a great start.

Relationships that have become focused only on day to day practicalities suffer from a lack of emotional intimacy which leads to marital dissatisfaction, affairs, and/or divorce.

Intimacy cannot be built by only talking about practicalities. A device such as a TV, cell phone, or notepad counts as another person and prevents one on one connection.

Couples often start out their marriages with a high level of intimacy and gradually have less and less.

It can also help you to identify factors that are getting in the way of having more intimacy. Intimacy is a behavior that can lead to feelings of love and closeness, but it can also lead to feelings of hurt and rejection.

Intimacy means sharing with someone what we don’t normally share with anyone.

When we are emotionally or physically intimate with someone, we are always being vulnerable; always taking a risk.

These are not times for talking about business, but for enjoying each other.

The more you laugh (or cry) together, the more intimate will be your emotional connection.

For example, if you share something with your spouse that you don’t share with anyone else, that is highly intimate.