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The team dated the tooth dentin and enamel, the sediment stuck to the upper jaw, and tools found near the fossil.“I don’t know how much more we could do with this little bone,” said Dr. “I think we’ve squeezed blood from a turnip here.”Together, the techniques put the jawbone at between 177,000 and 194,000 years old, in line with what was already known about the period during which the cave was inhabited.“This thing is as old as we thought it was, and it was probably the earliest Homo sapien out of Africa ever found,’” said Dr. “It’s not very often you can make a superlative statement, but in this case we can.”The Misliya finding is just the latest in a series of discoveries that are changing the story of our evolutionary past.

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This mandate imposed political and geographical controls over a region that had not seen such things for more than 2.000 years.

That explanation would need to be tested with DNA samples, which are difficult to collect from fossils found in the arid Levant.[READ: Oldest Fossils of Homo Sapiens Found in Morocco, Altering History of Our Species]The upper jawbone, or maxilla, was found by a team led by Israel Hershkovitz, a paleoanthropologist at Tel Aviv University and lead author of the new paper, while excavating the Misliya Cave on the western slopes of Mount Carmel in Israel.

The jawbone was discovered in 2002 by a freshman on his first archaeological dig with the group.

But a 2010 discovery of 400,000-year-old teeth in Israel in which he participated received criticism for how it was reported in the media.

To test their suspicions about the jawbone, the archaeologists sent the specimen on a world tour.If so, that would mean that at least some modern humans migrated from Africa far earlier than previously thought.