Isotopic dating sydney basin

10-Feb-2020 21:21

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This new isotopic analysis approach is now referred to as Chemical Abrasion Isotope Dilution Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometry (CA-IDTIMS) and has been adopted by most laboratories undertaking U-Pb single crystal zircon dating worldwide.

This work was published in 2004 by our group in the journal Science.

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[Supported by the Australian Research Council, Geoscience Australia, Berkeley Geochronology Centre (Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation), Boise State University, The University of New England, The Australian National University, Origin Energy (Australia), National Science Foundation of the USA, Centennial Coal (Australia), BHP Billiton, Xtrata Coal, Santos Ltd, Geological Survey of New South Wales, Geological Survey of Queensland, Geological Survey of New South Wales.]Figure showing approaches to minimise Pb-loss in zircon crystals and how annealing and chemical abrasion can produce closed-system zircons that maximise accuracy of single crystal U-Pb derived ages for volcanic products (from Mundil, Ludwig, Metcalfe & Renne, 2004) Ian Metcalfe has, since 1996, been leading an international research group undertaking isotopic dating of volcanic ash/clay layers in sedimentary rock sequences aimed at providing ages of significant geological events (in particular the "end" Permian mass extinction) and numerical isotopic age tie points for global Timescale Calibration.

The following papers on our isotopic dating were presented: Late Permian U-Pb CA-IDTIMS isotope geochronology of the Bowen Basin, Eastern Australia I.